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A full-featured ecommerce site that will automate your online business processes and improve customer loyalty. You’ll see how easy it is to add products to your store, manage inventory, handle return requests, and more!

From small to medium business, with a few dozen, hundreds or thousands of customer-oriented products, WordPress is the technology you need to successfully manage an online business. For online stores with tens of thousands of products in the offer, frequent promotions, dynamic stock changes and pricing, and traffic involving thousands of unique daily visitors, we recommend CS-Cart, the best-rated ecommerce solution.

Wordpress Ecommerce

An online store built on the WordPress platform is ideal for small and medium businesses with a portfolio of hundreds of products. According to the data, WordPress is the most used ecommerce platform with a market share of 25%.


A turn-key online store for any field of activity on the CS-Cart Professional platform. A fully-fledged e-commerce site that will automate your online business processes and improve customer loyalty

Excellent results on the web

Each project, once completed, will enter into an SEO process, assuming indexing in Google and focusing on elements that have an important role in increasing search engine positioning based on keywords.

Each project is treated as if it were ours.

GDPR – included for all the projects

Responsive Design

All projects are built to respond to any kind of resolution, desktop, tablet or mobile. Using smart technologies, the structure of the web page is arranged, depending on the device that accesses the site. Every impression counts to attract visitors, so before the project is launched, the project is thoroughly tested to avoid squeezing design mistakes.

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Blusoft is a web design and software application agency. We develop presentation and e-commerce websites as well as solutions and applications based on the Java EE and Java SE programming language for companies in any field. We provide consulting and implementation for the IT project.